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Emotional distress can take many different forms, from interfering with one’s ability to work at capacity, or to have satisfying relationships, to debilitating illness.  An important first step is to see a caring professional, who can listen and carefully assess not only symptoms, but the context in which they occur, as well as one’s particular strengths in coping with life’s difficulties.  After a comprehensive evalutation, treatment recommendations for psychotherapy, medications, or referrals for other services can be made.  Every first appointment in this office is a consultation, after which doctor and patient decide whether ongoing treatment is indicated.  As an Emory-trained physician and psychiatrist, Dr. Silbiger has been trained in evidence-based medication treatments for mood, anxiety, attention, psychotic, and sleep disorders, as well as psychotherapy for mood and anxiety disorders, relationship difficulties, divorce, parenting issues, career issues, and life transitions.  She specializes in psychodynamic psychotherapy, also known as analytically-based psychotherapy, expressive therapy, insight-oriented psychotherapy, and supportive psychotherapy.  She is also trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.